Elementary School Headmaster Fan Yu: For Single-Minded and Loving Education

Jan 27,2022

Writing to students every summer and winter vacation, welcoming them back to school, she is the most amiable Ms. Fan in children's hearts. She has been focusing on elementary education for 27 years. Her undoubted professional competence and accomplishments have won her numerous fans among parents. In her eyes, any teaching task is not a business, but a subject worth studying; each child is not a passive learner, but a lively life. It is her style to provide single-minded and loving education.

Let's meet her today: Fan Yu, Elementary School Headmaster of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School.


Fan Yu: a master's degree holder, a Senior Teacher of Elementary School Mathematics, a National Backbone Teacher, an Education and Teaching Expert of Henan Province, a Famous Teacher of Henan Province, a Backbone Teacher of Henan Province, a Super Teacher of Luoyang in the first batch, an Excellent Teacher of Luoyang, part-time researcher at Luoyang Bureau of Education, an Outstanding Coach for Hua Luogeng Golden Cup Youth's Invitational Competition, former Vice-Principal, Party Branch Secretary and Elementary School Headmaster of Suzhou Foreign Language School Kunshan, former Executive Headmaster of International School of Beijing Xinxuedao Linchuan School.

Practical Experience in Both Public and Private Schools

Over her 27 years in education, Headmaster Fan Yu has served as an administrator and founder of public and private schools. In her vision, there are not only the changes in China's elementary education over time, but also the cross-cultural comparison and integration between Chinese and Western education.

In 1994, Fan Yu became an elementary school mathematics teacher. Later, she was a frontline teacher for many years. Through her continuous understanding and practice of "effective teaching and efficient classroom", she formed her own unique teaching style and earned respect and love from students. Her public mathematics classes have won the national second prize, provincial first prize and municipal first prize for more than ten times. She has won the title of Outstanding Coach for Hua Luogeng Golden Cup Youth's Invitational Competition for five times. She has undertaken the backbone teacher training of Henan Province in the "National Teacher Training Program" and the in-service teacher training of Luoyang City, giving dozens of demonstration classes and lectures throughout the country.

In 2015, Ms. Fan turned to private education. As Elementary School Headmaster of Suzhou Foreign Language School Kunshan, she focused on the innovation of elementary education curriculum. She introduced a series of Chinese courses and immersive bilingual courses to the school, implanted more solid, interesting and diverse methods into teaching, focused on training children's 4C abilities: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, and succeeded in breaking the traditional educational model.

Led by Ms. Fan, students at Suzhou Foreign Language School Kunshan did exceptionally well, winning awards not only in national English competitions at all levels, but also competing easily in English in international thinking competitions. Nearly 100 students won gold medals. At the same time, parents were surprised to find that, trained by the writing course in the series of Chinese courses, first and second graders were able to write interesting essays of several hundred words and proudly display their works at the end of each semester.

Respect Life, Enlighten Minds

Headmaster Fan Yu not only has innovative thinking in professional teaching, but also has her own unique ideas about educational management. She often says: "we must respect the value of life in teachers and students." In her opinion, school should be a place where the value of life in teachers and students is respected and realized, not just for students, but for everyone in the school.

Therefore, Ms. Fan encourages teachers and students to learn together and promote each other on an equal footing, so that teachers and students find the meaning of life belonging to each other and the school becomes a space for everyone to grow and develop. When she recalled those schools she used to work for, Ms. Fan's eyes were always full of tenderness and smile: "in my former schools, everyone from the headmaster to teachers and cleaners greeted students with 'Good Morning' every morning, and students also greeted back happily, which was a tacit understanding that everyone understood."

Ms. Fan's long educational career has made her deeply realize the importance of life value education to the growth and development of students. The idea of "respecting the value of life" is not only practiced in her management process, but also integrated into her curriculum development. Elementary education is to lay a solid foundation, not only for studies, but also for life. In Ms. Fan's opinion, the mission of elementary education is not only knowledge learning, but also healthy and comprehensive growth of life, which requires students to develop in intelligence, morality, emotion, values and many other aspects.

Therefore, she put gratitude education, responsibility education, integrity education, etiquette education and a series of educational activities into her curriculum. Her unique life growth curriculum was included in daily teaching and implemented at school and home anytime and anywhere, such as a special "Gesture Dance Flash Mob" on Father's Day, a quiet "Order by Mom" on Mother's Day, the "Camping under the Starry Sky" for the 10-year-old growth ceremony, the parent-child reading and sharing meeting with parents, planting a water lily on Arbor Day, and observing the daily work of cleaners. The life value education advocated by Ms. Fan is not limited to books and lectures, but to guide children to learn to see, understand and respect life through specific people, things and activities in the context of actual experience.

"If you are graceful, the school will be quiet; if you are polite, the school will be civilized! The environment is also alive. That's the educational atmosphere I'm trying to create for students in school. I hope everyone in it can be silently edified, accumulate slowly and bloom gradually! I think such a school culture and atmosphere can change the attitude of children and families towards life to some extent. Many parents told me that students from our school have a different state of life. They are sunny, confident and generous, polite and wise, more considerate and respectful of others." Ms. Fan said gladly.

Perfection is touching; single-mindedness is deep. This is Ms. Fan's motto, and the principle she always follows, whether as a teacher or a headmaster. With her dedication and enthusiasm for education and rich experience in teaching and school management, Ms. Fan became an important member of the founding team of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School. We hope that Ms. Fan can lead the Elementary School's teachers and students to create more surprises and beauty in our school, enliven knowledge with soul, enliven life with power, make love go hand in hand with rules, so that children learn and grow in a loving and warm environment, and paint a colorful background of life for their lifelong development.

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