A Review of the Highlights of the Consulting Center's Activities: A Warm Winter Spent with Families

Jan 28,2022

On January 11, our school's Consulting Center was officially open to appointments, and received warm feedback from many parents. Over the past week, we have held a number of salons, inviting families to meet the headmaster team face to face to help parents understand the characteristics of our school.

What were the highlights of the activities? Let's have a review now! 


In these activities, Principal Liu Wei first gave a detailed introduction to our school's overall situation, including the bilingual teaching system, beautiful school environment, perfect hardware facilities, strong faculty, as well as a variety of featured courses and practical activities, unveiling ECNU Xiping Bilingual School to the parents present.

Many parents came to choose the most desirable, suitable and promising school for their children. The principal's speech was followed by a Q&A session. The parents present eagerly threw out the questions in their minds to the headmasters: how to implement the school's featured courses while students' time in school is limited? How to ensure the teaching quality in the context of double reduction?

The headmasters gave detailed answers to the parents' questions one by one.


Principal Liu Wei explained in depth the implementation methods of featured courses to parents from the design ideas, management mechanism and teaching outcomes of featured courses. "Featured courses are not purposeless, but to serve our student training objectives. We have created featured courses in four categories, namely finance and business, field, science and innovation, art and sports, to support the growth of children and truly implement the all-round development of each student."

Focusing on the topic of "double reduction", headmaster Fan Yu explained in detail how to implement the "1+1+X+E" curriculum system in the elementary school, and how to create efficient classes through teacher training, class inspection and lesson preparation, so as to improve the quality and efficiency under double reduction.


The useful information shared by the headmasters drew applause from the audience. The parents present were immersed in it and joined in the lively discussion. "I'm very glad to have such an opportunity to communicate with the headmasters, so that we have a clear understanding of the school's curriculum and faculty. Parents are concerned about their children's safety and life in school. Through communication, I find that the school is very considerate, which makes us feel relieved." said a parent at the scene.

ECNU Xiping Bilingual School attaches great importance to parent-school communication. The Consulting Center will hold more headmaster salons in the future, waiting for parents to come. Every dialogue with families will help us understand the educational needs of Xiamen families better, and every collision of educational ideas will make us more determined to run an ideal school!

ECNU Xiping Bilingual School's Consulting Center will continue to be open to appointments! Families sharing the same educational thinking are welcome to visit and join us for a warm winter.

Consulting Center's address: Room 906 Fortune Center, 100 Lujiang Road, Siming District, Xiamen


Online booking: please scan the QR code below to enter the booking page, fill in the form and submit the booking application. Our teachers will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your information and arrange a specific time for you to visit the Consulting Center.


Booking hotline: 0592-2077377

Working hours: 9:00-17:30, Monday to Sunday

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