ECNU Xiping Bilingual School Holds a Brand Launch

Mar 01,2022

On the afternoon of February 27, "A Fusion Brings a New Life -- ECNU Education Sharing Forum & ECNU Xiping Bilingual School Brand Launch" successfully concluded at Seaview Resort Xiamen. A number of well-known education experts from East China Normal University had a discussion about the topic "The Trend of Education Reform and the Construction of Ideal Schools", and shared solutions to the current changes in education.

At the forum, the brand of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School long-anticipated by parents was launched. The core management team, Strategic Advisory Expert Committee, curriculum, faculty, enrollment plan and other school information were officially disclosed to the public. The school was announced to officially open in September 2022.



Mr. Dai Liyi, Vice Principal of East China Normal University, Mr. Hong Jun, Deputy Director General of Xiamen Municipal Education Bureau, Mr. Ke Xiping, Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, Mr. Liu Wei, Principal of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School, many well-known experts and professors from East China Normal University, as well as representatives from Xiamen municipal and district education authorities and education sector attended the forum.

Government-University Cooperation Project Implemented, Resources Pooled to Create Exemplary Education

In order to improve Xiamen's business environment and build an international and modern city, CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government introduced high-quality resources from East China Normal University in 2019. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. As the first project to hit the ground after the agreement was signed, East China Normal University and Xiamen Hengxing Group joined hands to build ECNU Xiping Bilingual School in Xiamen. 

The forum started with a Brand Launch for ECNU Xiping Bilingual School. Mr. Dai Liyi, Vice Principal of East China Normal University, Mr. Hong Jun, Deputy Director General of Xiamen Municipal Education Bureau, Li Zhicong, Director of Basic Education and Lifelong Education Development Department of East China Normal University, Mr. Ke Xiping, Chairman of Xiamen Hengxing Group, Ms. Ke Lanlan, Chairwoman of Hengxing Education Investment Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liu Wei, Principal of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School, attended the brand launch as representatives. The school's name was lit up in applause. Born in the midst of China's educational reform, ECNU Xiping Bilingual School officially set sail today to welcome its first students.


The first board of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School was established on the morning of the same day. Mr. Ke Xiping was elected as the first chairman of the school board and delivered a speech at the forum. He said that opening a good school in Xiamen has been a dream of his for many years. Based on deep thinking about the setup of current education and romantic feelings for the ideal of future education, relying on East China Normal University, a national highland for training basic education personnel, the school will be benchmarked to China's top education resources to provide students with a personalized platform for excellent growth, and committed to adding an example of more diversified and distinctive education for Xiamen's education.


According to Mr. Ke Xiping, 2.2 billion was invested in ECNU Xiping Bilingual School's construction. It has a first-class environment, strong faculty and distinctive features. As a school showered with attention and expectations, its environment can be very good, its quality can be very high, but its tuition cannot be very expensive. In his speech, he promised that Xiamen Hengxing Group would pool its superior resources and join hands with East China Normal University to build the school into an affordable good school for ordinary middle class families and make every effort to build a school that students like, parents are satisfied with, the government trusts, and the society recognizes!

Promotion Video "A Century-Old Banyan Tree" Premieres, Outlining the New School's Scenery and Blueprint

At the Brand Launch, ECNU Xiping Bilingual School's first promotion video "A Century-Old Banyan Tree in the New World" premiered. From the viewpoint of a century-old banyan tree in the school, this video tells the transformation of its mission from preserving the soil and water to shading thousands of students. The first-class leading educational ideas and high-quality school life presented through images of the elegant school scenery and diverse teaching spaces in the video attracted the attention of many parents present.

ECNU Xiping Bilingual School is a 15-year K12 school located in the center of Xiamen Island (southwest of the intersection of Lvling Road and Mid. Yunding Road), adjacent to Zhonglun Park. With a total investment of about 2.2 billion, the school is designed by famous Chinese architect Mo Ping, a pupil of Ieoh Ming Pei. With a total floor area of about 200,000 square meters on a site of 98,000 square meters, it's one of the largest schools on Xiamen Island. The school will be open for tours in June 2022.

A Top Advisory Group of Experts Assembled, Its Luxurious Lineup Announced

The forum was attended by 11 senior experts and professors in education from East China Normal University. They were not just guests to the forum, but also members of the advisory group of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School. As an important part of the cooperation between East China Normal University and ECNU Xiping Bilingual School, the Strategic Advisory Expert Committee was established to improve the school's education quality assurance mechanism, provide consultation, evaluation and supervision on curriculum development, educational and teaching methods, teachers' career development and other aspects in the process of school development, and make expert guidance in school institutionalized, normalized and long-acting.


Mr. Feng Jianfeng, Deputy Director of Basic Education and Lifelong Education Development Department of East China Normal University and Deputy Director of East China Normal University Education System, read out "East China Normal University Education System's Decision on the Establishment of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School's Strategic Advisory Expert Committee" on the spot. After that, Chairman Ke Xiping and Principal Liu Wei presented the school emblem and mascot to all members of the expert committee.


Among the members of the expert committee, there are national famous principals with nearly 30 years of education experience, textbook experts proficient in curriculum design, and top professors of various disciplines such as literature, mathematics, physical education and music, etc. We believe that their support will inject new momentum into the future development of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School. (For information about the experts, please go to the module "About Us - Expert Committee" on the school's official website)

Then, the event moved on to the Education Sharing Forum. As two representatives of the Expert Committee, Prof. Dai Liyi, Vice Principal of East China Normal University, and Prof. Li Zhicong, Director of Basic Education and Lifelong Education Development Department of East China Normal University, each delivered a wonderful keynote speech to the parents present.


On the topic "Lead with Excellence, Take Responsibility with Service", Prof. Dai Liyi introduced how East China Normal University Education System gave full play to its advantages and characteristics, and integrated high-quality resources inside and outside the university to support the start and development of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School from the aspects of project design and functional configuration during China's education reform and transformation.


Based on his years of experience as a principal and from the viewpoint of an education pioneer, Prof. Li Zhicong shared how to practice "The Mission of Education and the Construction of an Ideal School" in the current changing education ecology.

Education Reform Has a Long Way to Go, the Ideal School Attracts Parents' Expectation

The last speaker at this forum was Dr. Liu Wei, the principal of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School. As a principal who has dedicated himself to education for more than 20 years, he still remains true to his mission as an educator. Starting with the topic "Does an Ideal School Really Exist?", Principal Liu Wei described the ideal school in his mind to everyone based on the current reality of education. 

Principal Liu Wei believes that education is constantly reforming with the changing times. However, up to now, the substantive form and way of education have not undergone fundamental changes. Most people are going further and further in the pursuit of high scores." The mission of education is essentially for the higher development of human beings. Our education needs to start moving from instrumental reason to value reason." Principal Liu Wei said.


Talking about what is an ideal school, Principal Liu Wei analyzed the elements that an ideal school should have, namely an accurate positioning, systematic student training system, wide choice of courses, excellent faculty, good school culture, beautiful educational environment, strong research atmosphere, high-quality teaching outcomes.

Principal Liu Wei's sharing aroused parents' expectations for ECNU Xiping Bilingual School. After the forum, the core management team of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School gathered around the round table to communicate with the parents present. The headmasters answered their questions about the faculty, enrollment plan, bilingual teaching, featured courses and so on.


According to the principal, the enrollment plan for 2022 has been preliminarily confirmed. In the first year, it is planned to enroll students for the kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and senior high school. The specific grades available for application in the first year are as follows:

Kindergarten: from nursery class to top class

Elementary School: all grades

Junior High School: grade 6 and grade 7

Ordinary senior high school: grade 10

IGCSE+A-Level: grade 10

(The final enrollment plan shall be subject to the result of examination and approval by the local education authority)

The forum ended in an exciting atmosphere. Starting with a fusion and a new life, we look forward to the opening of ECNU Xiping Bilingual School in September this year. More surprises will occurs in this school and bring new sparks to the fertile land of education in Xiamen.

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